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VHS - THE SMURFS / LES SCHTROUMPFS - by Video Club d'Amérique french/français


seems in good pre-owned condition
light wear on the case clear plastic
cannot guarantee its working condition

pre-owned condition: good used condition / clean / might have surface scratches / wrinkles on the cover or normal wear light scuffs/surface wear for toys. if near new or other flaws or damage will mentioned in the description.



semble en bonne condition,  seconde main
quelques légères égratignures de surface sur la boite
(plastique transparent)
cannot guarantee it's working condition

seconde main, usagé: a servi et est en bonne condition, propre, peut avoir des égratignures de surface, des pliures de surface d'usure usuel. Si état presque neuf ou plus usé, sera indiqué dans la description